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AQ2 Consumables & Parts

Use only Genuine SEAL AQ2 Parts

SEAL Analytical is the ONLY source of GENUINE ORIGINAL parts and consumables for SEAL Discrete Analyzers.

Ensure Optimum Performance
The best performance of your Analyzer can only be guaranteed when using genuine parts and consumables. Other companies offer inferior replicas or refurbished items using SEAL part numbers.

Contact SEAL Analytical  for pricing and availability of genuine SEAL parts and consumables.

3 mth Maintenance Kit 6 mth Maintenance Kit  Probe Washer   Air Filter Element Wash/ Waste Bottle   
Part Number: AQ3M Part Number: AQ6M Part: MA000102  Part Number: 000313  Part Number: 001016  
Link to inclusions Link to inclusions  Package of 1  Package of 1  Package of 1 x 5L size  

  AQ2 5050   
Reaction Segments
(18 tests)
Reagent Container (43ml wedge) Reagent Container Caps (Closed)  Reagent Caps  
Lamp Assembly                 
Part Number: 5000  Part Number: 5010 Part Number: 5050 Part Number: 5060  Part Number: 5100   
Package of 100  Package of 50 Package of 50 Package of 50 Package of 1  

Aspiration Probe                             Sampler Probe (CD System)    Peristaltic Pump Tubing                          Pump Tubing Nipple (Steel) Nut for Pump Tube Nipple   
Part Number: 5110 Part Number: 5125-S  Part Number: 5140 Part Number: 5150 Part Number: 5150-1  
Package  of 1 Package of 1 Package of 6 Package of 1 Package of 1  

Syringe 'O' Ring

Syringe Body, Piston, 'O'Ring Cadmium Reduction Coil

57 Position Sample Tray  100 Position Sample Tray   
Part Number: 5160 Part Number: 5195-1 Part Number: 5210  Part Number: 5350 Part Number: 5380  
Package of 1 Package of 1 (set)  Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1  

Sample Cups 1.2ml
(100 Position Tray)
Complete Tool Kit 

10 mm Cuvette Inlet Tubing 

10 mm Cuvette Outlet Tubing Cuvette Cleaning Solution  
Part Number: 5385 Part Number: 5500 Part Number: 5671 Part Number: 5672 Part Number: 5676  
Package of 2000 List of Inclusions Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1 x 250 ml bottle  

AQ 9-0046
AQ2 MA0001065  
Cadmium Coil Connection Tube Barbed Fittings 

Sample Cups 2 ml
(57 Position Tray) 
Water Level Sensor 

Reagents Tray

Part Number: 5719  Part Number: 5720 Part Number: 6015 Part Number: 9-0046  Part: MA0001065  
   Package of 4 Package of 1000  Package of 1  Package of 1  

Maintenance Kit Inclusions:
3 Monthly Essential Maintenance Parts Kit 

6 Monthly Essential Maintenance Parts Kit

Tool Kit

Clean- Lube Kit
1 ea AQLP - Lube Pen
1 pkg AQCSW-20 - Swabs
1 ea 5676 Cuvette Cleaning Solution

Pump Tubes
2 pkg 5140 Pump Tubes
Clean- Lube Kit
1 ea AQLP - Lube Pen
1 pkg AQCSW-20 - Swabs
1 ea 5676 Cuvette Cleaning Solution

Reagent Caps/ Containers
1 pkg 5050- Closed Reagent Container Cap
1 pkg 5060- Pierced Reagent Cap
1 pkg 5010- Reagent Containers (Wedges)

Lamp - Probe Cleaner
1 ea 5100- Source Lamp
1 ea MA000102- Probe Cleaner

Syringe Kit
1 ea 5160 Syringe O-ring
1 ea 5195 Syringe Glass Body & Piston Assembly

Pump Tubes
2 ea 5140 Pump Tubes- pkg of 6

How To - Change Syringe
How To - Peristaltic Pumps
How To- Change Lamp
How To - Probe Care 
General Purpose Screwdriver
Small Screwdriver
Adjustment Tool
Flashlight (Torch)
Seal Hex Key Set
Spatula for Sulfate