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Genuine QuAAtro & TrAAcs Parts

Suitable for Technicon TrAAcs 800 - Bran+Luebbe TrAAcs 2000 - Bran+Luebbe QuAAtro - SEAL Analytical QuAAtro

Use Only GENUINE SEAL PARTS- SEAL Analytical is the ONLY source of GENUINE ORIGINAL parts and consumables for SEAL QuAAtro & TrAAcs

Ensure Optimum Performance-The best performance of your Analyzer can only be guaranteed when using GENUINE parts and consumables. Other companies offer inferior replicas or refurbished items using our SEAL part numbers.

Contact SEAL Analytical for Genuine QuAAtro and TRAACS parts.

116-B332-01  116+G001-01
Tygon Tubing 0.030 

Tygon Tubing 0.090 ID

E Glass Saphire Stream 
3 Way
Injection Fitting

Flowcell Cleaning & Storage

Part Number: 116-0536-07 Part Number: 116-0536-16 Part Number: 116-B332-01 Part Number: 116+G001-01 Part Number: 116+K997-01
Package of 3 mtr Package of 3 mtr Package of 1 Package of 1 Link to inclusions
116+K998-01  116+K999-02  165-0301-03
Flowcell Cleaning Kit with
Pump Tube Organizer

QuAAtro Tubing Kit

Cadmium Coil, 6 Turn

5T Glass Coil

Part Number: 116+K997-02 Part Number: 116+K998-01 Part Number: 116+K999-02 Part Number: 165-0301-03 Part Number: 165-G005-01
Link to inclusions Package of 1 Link to inclusions Package of 1 Package of 1
10T Glass Coil, 10 Turns 20T Glass Coils, 20 Turn Description Debubble/Rebubble SS Description
Part Number: 165-G005-02 Part Number: 165-G005-03 Part Number: 165-G006-01 Part Number: 165-G006-02 Part Number: 168-1006-01
Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1
168+B532-03  169+B045-10  169+B143-01 
Description PTFE Sleeved & Lined XY2 Flowcell, 10mm Lamp AA3 Colorimeter 5ml Sample Cup Clear
Part Number: 168-1011-01 Part Number: 168+B532-03 Part Number: 169+B045-10 Part Number: 169+B143-01 Part Number: 171-0354-01
Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1000
178-3985-01, 178-3985-02
178-G202-01  178-G215-01
Reagent Filter Reagent Straw T Fitting Description FF Glass "L"
Part Number: 178-3985-XX Part Number: 178-4061-01 Part Number:178-G202-01 Part Number:178-G215-01 Part Number: 178-G218-01
Package of 50 (178-3985-01)
Package of 1000(178-3985-02)
Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1

GG Glass "U"

Coil Clip

Splitter PT18- Metal
(Medium Flow)
Splitter PT19- Metal
(Low Flow)
Tubing, Polyethylene .03 ID

Part Number: 178-G224-02 Part Number: 509-0121-01 Part Number: 518+0230-01 Part Number: 518+0274-01 Part Number: 562-2015-01
Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 3 mtr

Kit Inclusions
Flowcell Cleaning & Storage Kit

Cleaning Solution Formulation
Solution #1: 1 N HCI
21.5 mL concentrated HCI diluted to 250mL
Solution #2: 1 N NaOH
10g NaOH pellets diluted to 250 mL
Solution #3: 10% v/v Bleach
25 mL bleach diluted to 250 mL
Solution #4: Deionized Water
Solution #5: System Wash Solution

Tube #1: 2 ea 15" 116-0528-01 Tygon Tubing 
(sleeved one end with 116-0536-16 Tygon)
Tube  #2: 2 ea 5" 116-0528-01 Tygon tubing 
(sleeved both ends with 116-0536-16 Tygon)
60mL Syringe


Flowcell Cleaning & Storage Kit & Flowcel

QuAAtro Tubing Kit 
116-0536-16 0.090 ID Tygon (Glass Sleeving - Butt Joints)
116-0536-09 0.040 ID Tygon (Sleeving 0.030 ID PE)
190-B159-01 Color Ribbon Tube (Reagent Lines ORN/ORN)
178-3993-01 Color Ribbon 0.025 ID (Reagent Lines BLK/ BLK)
116-0558-02 Silicone 0.010 ID (Air Valve Tubing)
116-0536-04 0.015 ID Tygon (Air Lines)
562-2015-01 0.030 PE (Sample Line & Waste Lines)