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SEAL Analytical

Service and Repairs
Factory Trained Service Team
The SEAL Analytical Technical Team includes fully-trained, in-house, Service Engineers with years of Discrete Analyzer and Continuous Flow Analyzer experience. 

On-site and Factory-returned Service
SEAL offers both on-site and factory-returned Service and Repair of the following SEAL, formerly Bran+Luebbe and Technicon instruments:

  • AQ400, AQ2 & AQ Series Discrete Analyzers
  • AQUA Series Discrete Analyzer (UK only)
  • AutoAnalyzer 3 (AA3)
  • AutoAnalyzer II
  • AA1
  • TrAAcs
  • QuAAtro
  • Near Infrared Analyzers (UK only)

SEAL Analytical does not use sub-contract labor for instrument repairs, we use only our own expert staff.  Should your analyzer need maintenance or repair, please Contact SEAL Analytical direct.